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Corporate Training

In the past years, companies, organisations and governments have been seeking to do more with less.  New technologies allow for the organisation and optimisation of workflow, but this has its limits.  Not respecting these limits puts significant pressure on employees.  This strain has led to the development of an array of anxiety disorders (panic attacks, insomnia, burnout…).  The aim of my tailored training programs is to maximise performance in a sustainable and healthy way.

Workshops are tailored and can range from a 1 hour ‘Raising stress awareness’ training to 3-4 day tailored workshops that could cover awareness linked to today’s fast pace world and the difficulties that arise from it as well as the training and acquiring of tools to manage and prosper in today’s fast pace world.  This is done by learning how to optimise the way we think as well as how to manage our environment so as prosper and perform successfully.

My aim is to create a win-win situation where employees perform in a durable way in a workplace they value, appreciate and feel respected in.  From the employer’s perspective, happy employees are productive employees with low turnover and absenteeism.  Retaining and cultivating human capital is a competitive advantage for the health and long-term success of a company, organization or government.

This tailored service is available for companies, organizations and governments of all sizes and locations.